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Balancing Protection and Performance

Our proven cyber and performance engineering processes and tools work to ensure that system performance and the user experience strike a critical balance between protection and performance. We support performance root cause determination and trend analysis with both passive and high fidelity performance assessment approaches. These approaches include end user monitoring, application mapping, transaction tracing, application monitoring, network visibility, and analytics to understand the data. We have experience with datacenters, global WANs, applications, databases, web services, virtualized and cloud environments which enables us to help organizations identify issues and plan for growth in their designs.

  • Performance Engineering and Virtual Prototyping (PeVP) Virtual-to-Physical Integration provides early decision support and accelerates system development while enhancing performance.
  • Cyber and Performance Engineering (CAPE) Parallel processes and tools provide the solid engineering approach striking the balance with protection and performance.
Performance Engineering Services
  • LAN and WAN performance analysis
  • Application performance analysis
  • Data Center planning and capacity support
  • What-if analysis
  • Web site performance assessment
  • Enterprise scale performance perspective with actionable analytics
  • Performance incident triage

Customer Value

LP3 helps customers understand key performance drivers and how those issues affect the business or mission; how to improve performance cost effectively.

Strong success history – customer study indicated approach provided a 10X ROI on performance engineering and decision support.