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Enterprise and Systems Architecture

At LP3 we pride ourselves on producing first class results for our customers using proven streamlined system and software development processes. We offer a wide range of capabilities which include Enterprise Architecture and System Engineering services. These services utilize advanced processes for rapid development as well as ensuring efficient systems engineering. We are also experienced in developing Cloud architectures and providing SOA engineering services. We have also engineered secure mobile applications and integrate a Defense-in-Depth approach to all of our architectures.

Some of the processes we leverage are:

  • 3DAF: Streamlined Three-Dimensional Architecture Framework proven on small to large scale programs (>$1B); some programs will not procure hardware without this validation
  • A3I: “Structured Agile” Mature Virtual Architecting and system development process
  • Mobile application development and security – rapid prototyping secure applications

LP3 staff have applied these processes to significantly reduce system development times by increasing the value of early synchronized systems analysis and enhanced high value prototyping.

Enterprise and Systems Architecture Services
  • Architecture / Systems Engineering services
  • Rapid architecture development processes
  • Efficient systems engineering processes
  • Cloud / SOA Engineering / Mobile Apps
  • Defense-in-Depth architecture

Customer Value

Faster delivery of software and systems capability – months instead of years

More capability for the same investment – risk reduction and budget control

Accurate scalability model for informed planning – know how much you can do, how fast, and how much it will cost